Important information when applying to adopt a pet:

Please click on the pet's picture that you want to adopt and fill out the  application to adopt. We ask for 3 personal references and a veterinarian's phone number. If you currently do not have any pets in your home and have not in the last 2 years, we may waive the vet check. We must have all phone numbers listed in order to correctly process your application. Many factors will be considered such as if you are the first applicant, if you have the application filled out correctly, and if we feel that the animal will be a good fit for your household. Filling our an application does not mean that you will get the pet.

  • Please fill out the entire online application. Links to the application are located by clicking on the picture of the pet.

  • Be sure to have all of the correct information listed such as a vet telephone number. This will help us process the application much faster.

  • Be aware that the process could take up to 7 business days.

  • No on the spot adoptions at events.

  • We have the right to decline any application.

  • We will contact you by phone or e-mail upon approval or denial.

  • Once you have been approved for the pet of your choice, we then ask you to meet with the animal you have selected before adoption for several hours if you have not already done so.  At this time we are able to answer any questions for you.

  • No outdoor pets will be adopted out under any circumstances. We do not adopt to anyone with outdoor pets.

Please remember:  Few Steps from Home is run soley by volunteers (no pay involved).  Responses may not be immediate, so please be patient with us.  We have our own families to take care of, along with the many foster pets to care for like family so that they can have an easier transition to your family. 

Additional adoption information for “Bully Breeds”:
  • You must fill out the specific Pit Bull application.  General dog applications will not be accepted when applying for a pit bull. 
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • To adopt a Pit Bull or "Bully Breed" you can not be in a rental unit.  You must own your home.
You must be willing to allow us to do a home check if necessary.

If you have further questions please feel free to e-mail us at the following: