How do YOU define rescue? This is a personal definition, one that every person we encounter may have a different answer for. What is shared across all viewpoints however is that animals in need of rescue, true rescue, are often those that are not "easily adoptable", at least not in their current state.

Won't you join us in our mission?

Who We Are

We are  a 501 c 3 no kill non profit rescue and sanctuary made up of only a small group of VERY dedicated, like minded individuals. Because of this, we have become not only volunteers that work together, but we have become family.  With this dedication and like values, we are able to help so many dogs and cats that need us. 

Adoptable Pets

In addition to treating their acute medical needs, every animal rescued will be spayed/neutered, if they are not already, and vaccinated and microchipped as soon as possible in an effort to give them the best opportunity for a healthy, happy life. When people do decide to foster an animal or adopt from us, they should expect the animal will remain well and not pass disease to their resident pets.

Meet Our Sanctuary Pets

At times, there are a few dogs and cats that are too sick, too old or have too unpredictable of behavior issues to be adopted out to the public. Here at Few Steps From Home, although we have limited space, we are able to provide sanctuary for those few that need it.

We  have MANY wonderful places whom we have partnered  up  with to provide you with not only great deals, but the chance to help animals with each purchase made through our affiliate companies! It's a win win!
Our Happy Adoption Stories
 Join us to see many of our precious dogs and cats that have been adopted and their forever  families!  We  LOVE to get updates on our adopted dogs and hear about their new lives!  Please submit yours!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are always in need of the following items!

* Cleaning supplies- Bleach, paper towels, laundry detergent
* Flea and tick medication for both cats & dogs
* Gas cards for vet runs and home vists
* Soup bones for foster dogs (they LOVE these over rawhides which are not great for them)
* Deer or elk antlers 
* Large toys
* Heartworm medication
* Ideas for durable toys and chews click here

We are always in GREAT need of monitory donations as well to keep everything running smoothly for our organization. Your monitory donations will go towards our ever growing vet bills for example - pellet fuel for the winter ( for the dogs in our kennel building), dog  & cat food (when we do not have enough donated) and so much more. But, every dime  donated will go towards helping these rescue animals that need us!

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Due to the Coronavirus, our Adoption procedures have changed some. We will do virtual home visits as opposed to in person home visits and we request that everyone fill out the adoption application NOT the meet and greet application  to reduce the amount of times needing to be out in public.  Please be aware of these changes and we thank you for your understanding. 

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